Best Tourism Place to Stay in Jaipur

fb121-cambay-hotels-12-01-2017Vacationing in the pink city is all about friends, family and forts. The city is home for to opulent palaces, towering forts and holy temples. It has gracefully retained its royal roots and it proudly displays them for visitors to see and experience.  The forts like Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Amber Fort, Jantar Mantar, City Palace are gems of the city.

For people who opt for historic places, Jaipur is the ‘Go to’ place for them. The city is dipped in royal history and its roots scream of the royal era it has witnessed. The regal cuisine, unrivaled architecture, and raw natural beauty of the Rajasthan countryside is enough to make Jaipur into a world class destination. Yet, there is so much more to this city. Jaipur is packed with spellbinding festivals, richly decorated elephants casually going about their work, enchanting cultural insights, and a labyrinth of colourful dream palaces at every turn.

A romantic pink hue pervades everything in Jaipur, hence the nickname “Pink City”. Here you will find an exotic cityscape completely washed in a soft, glowing shade of blush that deepens as the sun sets each evening. Pedestrians from all walks of life, seemingly from a mix of centuries, weave through the boulevards and bazaars amid a cavalcade of rickshaws and motorbikes, three-wheeled trucks and elephants, all buzzing with a vibrant exuberance.

While you are a guest in the city, Apart from the tourist attractions to please you, you need a place to stay too; a place that will add delight to your vacation. Cambay Grand (Kukas) and Cambay Resort (Jamdoli) would prove to be best choice pleasing you with its guest centric hospitality and services.


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