Jaipur: Hosting Janmashtami at ‘Govind Dev Ji Temple’


Govind Dev Ji Temple is one of the most attractive and divine temples in Jaipur. It is one of the most visited tourist destination of Jaipur which speaks to the royal past of Pink City. Govind Devji Temple is believed to be the most royal temple on earth after Vrindavan, especially for supporters of Lord Krishna. The entire place expresses divine feeling and gives peace and satisfaction to the soul of visitors. The temple makes Jaipur feel proud of owing it. This temple is dedicated to Lord Govind which is another name of Lord Krishna.

Every year millions of visitors visit this place to get blessings of Lord Krishna but with Janmashtami arriving, it gives a view that you carry along for your life time. Janmashtami- the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated with an enthusiasm that is incomparable. Outside Vrindavan, this is one of the most important temples for Lord Krishna Devotees. It is celebrated as a week-long festival which has inclusions of devotional singing and classical dances including Rasleela. The city welcomes its devotees and the temple committee skillfully organizes all the events by making devotees experience the heart of festival.

The city in general too is considered as a tourist place and attracts tourists from all around the world, but this just adds up to its feel of a tourist place. Jaipur has many attractions like its palaces, city festivals, history and culture but this holy festival just adds the charm to the city. Jaipur Hotels are crowded at this time of the year. Cambay Grand and Cambay Golf Resort too welcome its guests and provide the services that delight them to the core. The facilities and amenities of the hotel and resort are of 5 star standard which would make it a one of a kind experience for them.


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